Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Disney Couple's Disney Wedding

So after a long overdue amount of time, we are actually committing to this blog. Between school, work, family issues and general life... we got married! After being engaged since 2008 we finally lived our dream, being married in Disney World. Check out the full barrage of photos at:

but here are a few highlights of the wedding

Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Post!

Hello! We are Matt and Reya. We are just two crazy kids in love who have a passion for everything Disney. We decided as a side hobby to join the blogging world to share a little of our life's story and our love of Disney.

So here is a little about us
  • Matt grew up in Las Vegas, NV while originally from California
  • Reya was born and raised in a prairie city in Canada
  • We met while our families were vacationing in 2005 on a cruise to Mexico (no lie)
First photo we ever took together on the cruise 2005
  • We were both in highschool when we met and we dated long distance for about 4 years before Matt was brave enough to move to Canada (what a good guy eh?)
  • Matt and Reya are finishing their last year at University (2012)
  • In 2009 Matt proposed to Reya in Disneyland, California
Reya's engagement ring
  • After an entirely too long engagement (for many reasons...) we are finally planning on getting married in February 2013 in Walt Disney World, Florida 
  • We have both traveled to Disney parks multiple times. Every time we go, we find out we love it just a little bit more. In all honesty, it is our dream to one day be able to move to Florida, so we can be closer to WDW