Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Post!

Hello! We are Matt and Reya. We are just two crazy kids in love who have a passion for everything Disney. We decided as a side hobby to join the blogging world to share a little of our life's story and our love of Disney.

So here is a little about us
  • Matt grew up in Las Vegas, NV while originally from California
  • Reya was born and raised in a prairie city in Canada
  • We met while our families were vacationing in 2005 on a cruise to Mexico (no lie)
First photo we ever took together on the cruise 2005
  • We were both in highschool when we met and we dated long distance for about 4 years before Matt was brave enough to move to Canada (what a good guy eh?)
  • Matt and Reya are finishing their last year at University (2012)
  • In 2009 Matt proposed to Reya in Disneyland, California
Reya's engagement ring
  • After an entirely too long engagement (for many reasons...) we are finally planning on getting married in February 2013 in Walt Disney World, Florida 
  • We have both traveled to Disney parks multiple times. Every time we go, we find out we love it just a little bit more. In all honesty, it is our dream to one day be able to move to Florida, so we can be closer to WDW